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Internet of Things

IoT Services

The world is undergoing a dramatic transformation, rapidly transitioning from isolated systems to ubiquitous Internet-enabled ‘things’ capable of generating data that can be analyzed to extract valuable information. Commonly referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT), this new reality will enrich everyday life, increase business productivity, improve government efficiency, and the list goes on.

IoT Gadgets

Internet of Things (IoT) is all about the connected life. These new age gadgets have integrated Internet access capabilities—hook them up to a wired or wireless Internet connection. They are assigned an Internet Protocol (IP) address in the background, just as your laptop or phone would, and join the network. These gadgets are designed for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, and also utilize the connectivity with your Smartphone or tablet for additional functionality. Simply put, the data from such devices is shared over the network, stored and accessed via a Smartphone or PC app. The exciting part is that these apps can also be used to trigger actions, which you normally would do by pressing a physical button on the gadget, or via a remote control. 

Transiot brings expertise of both embedded and networking to meet custom requirements of the IoT gadgets which requires aid of either microcontrollers or Linux based embedded low power platforms along with the capability in communicating with existing network, IPv4/IPv6.

IoT Gateway

Transiot provides offerings that meet diverse industry requirements for IoT Gateway that enables companies to seamlessly interconnect industrial infrastructure devices and secure data flow between devices and the cloud. An IoT Gateway links Building/Home energy systems that use low power RF (LPRF) technologies like Zigbee, BLE to any Wi-Fi router, so consumers can monitor or control their smart energy devices or home automation systems via smart phones or tablets. A powerful processor running Linux is typically used as the host which enables a wide range of software and firmware customization. It also enables the IoT Gateway to manage communications, data processing and applications locally.

Additional communications interfaces like NFC for smart phone pairing or prepayment and Bluetooth can also be used. The devices runs the various Software communication stack enabling quicker development time, ease of coexistence testing and seamless adaption to various application profiles (Building, Home Automation, Smart Energy, Lighting).

IoT Application

Our world today is a social world connected with a myriad of devices. Today’s user is looking for rapid access to information that is engaging, visual and at the same time content-rich. Applications, as they are popularly known, are changing the way businesses work. From Smartphone’s to tablets, users want applications that bring everyday tasks, such as emails, messaging and more to smaller devices. Users are also interested in access to applications that entertain, engage or educate.

Transiot combines its expertise with processes that ensure apps that are robust, user friendly, fast and responsive. Applications that lag or are slow to response will find users ultimately uninstalling them. We provide Application Libraries contain the necessary APIs for creating apps to control Transiot-enabled devices with a Smartphone or tablet in a secure manner. We specialize in scalable and extensible architecture with dedicated service. Development of applications that bridge functional gaps in an organizations’ business process is our forte. 

IOT Cloud Services

Transiot Cloud Services is the heart of the IoT Services. The distributed, cloud-based architecture of Transiot delivers cloud connectivity with unprecedented efficiency, without forcing you into business models requiring ongoing payments. Transiot Cloud Services offers a full suite of location-based services, weather feeds, and other information streams that lets your products adjust their performance to external circumstances and your customer’s needs. In addition to user registration, device reporting, trigger control, data collection and analytics services, you can grow your products’ functionality and versatility without change delays to hardware in the field or database schemas in the cloud.

All communications with Transiot Cloud Services use industry-standard, public-private key encryption and SSL, and all stored data is encrypted. RESTful APIs enable products to be managed and controlled by trusted third-party applications.

General Inquiries

Transiot offers customized services in embedded and communication technology to our customers. Start a conversation with a Transiot consultant who can get to know you and your unique business challenges and determine how we can help.

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