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Industrial Embedded Applications and Services

Embedded systems and software makes a paradigm shift in the modern life-style, encompassing various aspects of modern life. Transiot deliver high quality embedded software services and solutions efficiently and cost effectively with the aid of Open Source Technologies We have extensive experience in the development of Industrial Embedded Applications and providing services based on custom requirements, which comprises of Microcontroller based applications; Development with networking protocols, Operating systems based services for embedded hardware platforms, Embedded Linux Development and Firmware & Device Driver development.


Microcontroller based applications

Nearly every electronic product designed today includes at least one microcontroller or other embedded processor. Often a microcontroller with internal peripherals and custom firmware replaces what would previously have been implemented with significant amounts of analog circuitry and digital logic. Successfully designing embedded systems requires knowledge of analog, digital, and power electronics, along with good software development practices.
Transiot has extensive expertise on various micro controllers based systems using ARM Cortex M0, M3, M4, PIC, Stm32f4, TI-MSP430 etc. Transiot offers microcontroller based embedded services like

Human Interface Device (HID) Customized Design Service:

We can provide customized keyboard and mouse designs for sensors with USB, PS/2, SPI, UART, ADC, DAC, 2G/3G Module, RTC, I2C interface and wireless interfaces.

Microcontroller Design Service:

In addition to HID product design services, our talented engineers have experience in battery powered applications with LCD drivers, RF telemetry, IR, USB, serial, and SPI communications using popular microcontrollers. We provide full design services: from electronic circuit design and PCB layout to firmware and test software.


Real Time Operating systems based services for embedded platforms

The IoT and M2M landscape is evolving faster than the release cycles for the traditional RTOS, which means the design and deployment of the RTOS need to adapt. Traditionally monolithic in nature, an RTOS has historically been delivered all at once as a large bundle of software; board support packages (BSPs), middleware, operating system, and tools. Updates to this baseline have been mostly for bug and security fixes rather than to add new features, due to the prohibitive amount of coding and testing required to implement them.
Transiot extends its expertise in firmware and application development on RTOS like FreeRTOS, TI-RTOS (Sys/bios), CoOS, Contiki OS, TinyOS, and QNX.
Our RTOS based services includes integration of a TCP/IP and USB stacks, a FAT file system and device drivers into ARM based platforms as per the requirements of the application


Embedded Linux Development

Transiot provides a turnkey solution to clients by providing development of boot loaders, development of the boot loaders, middleware and the application for both existing and fresh platforms. Our expertise in Embedded Linux development includes Boot loaders, Porting Linux, Board Bring-up and Embedded Linux Application Development.


Boot Loaders:

  • Development of boot loaders including U-Boot, Busy Box for Linux platforms
  • Customization of boot loaders for existing platforms as per customer requirements.


  • OS Porting/developing Linux to different architectures including X86, ARM.

Board Bring up:

  • Custom Board Bring up on All winner A10/ A20 based boards, TI Sitara based boards, OMAP reference platform, Beagle Bone and Raspberry Pi

Application Development:

Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework developed and maintained by The Qt Company. Our Qt technology know-how allows us to choose to most adequate solutions for each customer and each specific need. We master the overall graphical aspects of Qt from the native part to the QML language. Our expertise includes

  • GUI development using Qt Framework for the Single Board Computers.
  • Custom Widget Development
  • Embedded & Mobile application development (Automotive infotainment)

Firmware & Device Driver Development

Transiot's expertise extends to the firmware & device driver development on linux based embedded platforms. We develop customizable firmware to increase quality performance and reduce footprint as per the users' requirements.

  • Solutions based on ARM controllers.
  • Developing firmware for Bluetooth, I2C, SPI, GPS, RFID, LCD, Keypad and GPIO.
  • Device Driver Development for UART, I2C, SPI, CAN, SD, SDIO, MMC, USB, PCI, and Ethernet.

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Transiot offers customized services in embedded and communication technology to our customers. Start a conversation with a Transiot consultant who can get to know you and your unique business challenges and determine how we can help.

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