Embedded systems and software makes a paradigm shift in the modern life-style, encompassing various aspects of modern life.

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We at Transiot understand that though individuals have a great urge to learn Embedded Technology, there are unique challenges

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Transiot's Mini-PC solution provides a low cost interactive learning platform for schools. Solution consists of a low cost

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Welcome to Transiot

Transforming world with internet of things

We are in an era of smart and connected things, a global network that encapsulates and encompasses every aspect of our lives. Its heart and soul lies in embedded systems and connectivity. The creativity of this new era is boundless, with amazing potential to improve our lives. With a vision to 'make wonderful products serving the development of people', Transiot was established in 2013. Transiot provides cost-effective and high-quality end-to-end solutions for a given requirement, which may include Embedded Software, FPGA Design, Hardware Design, and all related integrations, creating value out of technology. On every project, we start with passion, execute with perseverance, and finish by delivering value.

Our Mission:

-To explore and cater to the needs of high-value and niche markets as an OBM, using in-house design and development capabilities.

-As an ODM or technology development partner, to become part of a highly capable ecosystem driving innovations.

-To bring cutting-edge connected & intelligent systems affordable to industries considering safety & security first.

What clients are saying?

I joined this course because I wanted to change my career domain to embedded sys...

Jestin P Shaji
Embedded Developer,Evobi Automation Private Ltd., Bangalore

TRANSIOT is a great guide to build a great career and inspiring us to dream abou...

Thahseen K Muhammed
Senior Engineer,Bosch Global Software Technologies, Bangalore

Joining Transiot was one of the best decisions of my life. The training I got fr...

Lalla Meeran
Software Engineer,Path Partner Technology Pvt. Ltd., Kochi

I joined TRANSIOT when I made the decision to change my career to embedded domai...

Analyst/Software Engineer, Global Edge Software Limited part of Capegemini,

TRANSIOT assisted me to achieve my career goal in Embedded Software Domain.After...

Gopika Regi
Engineer,Tata Elxsi Ltd,Trivandrum

At the time of joining TRANSIOT, I didn't have any experience or proper knowledg...

Athira V.P.
Engineer,Tata Elxsi Ltd,Trivandrum

Joining TRANSIOT is one among the best decisions I've ever made in my life. With...

Vishnu Sankarankutty
Engineer,Tata Elxsi Ltd, Trivandrum

TRANSIOT opened me a door to achieve my goals. Training at TRANSIOT helped me in...

Colman Goteshalk Dcruz
Embedded Software engineer ,Faststream Technologies, Bangalore

It was one of the best learning experience I had at TRANSIOT. Training provided...

Neema Alex
Specialist ,Acsia technologies Pvt. Ltd.,Trivandrum

Transiot made a turning point in my career. The training syllabus contains the t...

Jeeson Raphael
Senior Firmware developer,Sanava inc, Hyderabad

I am grateful to team TRANSIOT for helping me to switch my career to Embedded sy...

Anjaly TP
Embedded software Engineer ,Verdant Telemetry & Antenna Systems, Kochi

Professional approach TRANSIOT follow during the training, changed my perception...

Sagar M.S.
Senior Engineer,Tata Elxsi Ltd, Trivandrum

TRANSIOT assisted me to achieve my goals and a career in the Embedded Software d...

Mrs. Chandny Ramachandran
Software Engineer, ThinkPalm Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Kochi

TRANSIOT, is not just a training institution. Their commitment, motivation and t...

Embedded developer,VVDN Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Kochi

Before coming to TRANSIOT I had almost zero knowledge in coding and micro contro...

Embedded Trainee Engineer ,Ignitarium Technology Solutions Private Limited,Ko

TRANSIOT is one of the best Institutions to start a career in embedded domain. I...

Megha Sebastian
QA engineer, VVDN technologies Pvt. Ltd, Kochi.

It has been a good experience learning Embedded System from Transiot. Transiot ...

Sreelakshmi Jayan
Trainee Engineer,6D Technologies, Bangalore

Thank you very much for providing me an opportunity to be trained in professiona...

Sreejith I G
Drive Engineer.,C Electric Drives, Kochi

After my BTECH in ECE, I was confused on what to pursue as a professional career...

Dencil PT

TRANSIOT is the best institute to get  up skill on Embedded Systems. I am very ...

Reshma K R
Software Engineer,SFO Technologies (Nest Group), Kochi

My passion about embedded system brought me here at TRANSIOT. First time I didn...

R&D Engineer,MEC Robotics, Kochi

As like every student I also had a crucial stage after my graduation and I was a...

Arun Udayakumar
Embedded Software Developer,Clancor Technovates India Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore

To me decision to join TRANSIOT was a break through. That have paved way for be...

Sabarinath KH
Firmware Engineer,Litin Designs India Pvt. Ltd., Kottayam

Undergoing training at TRANSIOT helped me refine my approach towards approaching...

Jayakrishnan S
Senior Product Development Engineer,UST-Global, Bangalore

I was bit confused about my professional career and that was the time I joined T...

Meril Jose
Firmware Engineer ,Litin Designs India Pvt. Ltd., Kottayam

TRANSIOT has helped me to switch my career to embedded engineering. I'm a 2016 p...

Anij Joseph John
Associate Firmware Engineer,Litin Designs India Pvt. Ltd., Kottayam

I came to TRANSIOT with a zero level understanding of programming concepts and t...

Muhammed Safvan
Embedded Software Developer,Curiousfly Smart Switches, Kochi

One of the greatest dream for an engineer is to have a lucid clarity about the c...

Associate Engineer. ,Inforce Computing India Pvt Ltd, Kochi

I'm so grateful for the path that TRANSIOT provided me in the Embedded system do...

Krishna Suresh
Embedded Software Developer,Clancor Technovates India Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore

TRANSIOT gave me a new learning experience. I was an amateur in C programming an...

Reshma Sara Alexander
Embedded Developer ,VVDN technologies, Kochi

Myself, Jayakrishnan Krishna Prasad, an Embedded Software Engineer with almost 6...

Jayakrishnan Krishna Prasad
Embedded Software Engineer,SectorQube, Kochi

I took training for Embedded System Professional in TRANSIOT. I saw so much grow...

Praveen V
Field Application engineer,ESA (Electro System Associates), Bangalore

TRANSIOT gave me a great motivation when I was thrown out from many companies fi...

Software Engineer,Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Pr

At the time of my joining at TRANSIOT, my programming skills were very mediocre,...

Project Engineer,Wipro, Chennai.

TRANSIOT is the best place to work and learn. I would like to thank entire Team ...

Ajmal Khan
Embedded Software Engineer,Utthunga Technologies, Bangalore.

TRANSIOT help me to achieve best career start in embedded system field. Training...

Christina Sara Kuriakose
Embedded Software Engineer,Ignitarium Technology Solutions Private Limited, K

One of the best decision I have taken in my life is to join in TRANSIOT. This is...

Femi George
Embedded Software engineer,Ignitarium Technology Solutions Private Limited, K

With a handful of gratitude let me start off by thanking TRANSIOT. As I came her...

Kiran Raj
Senior Engineer ,Tataelxsi Ltd, Trivandrum

TRANSIOT was a place where I discovered how to tap my true potential as an engin...

Kevin Mathews
Senior Engineer,Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Pr

TRANSIOT is the best place to learn embedded programming. The personal training ...

Jibin Mohan
Senior Engineer ,Tataelxsi Ltd, Trivandrum

I am a firm beliver of self learning. But one critical situation dragged me to ...

Senior Engineer ,Tataelxsi Ltd, Trivandrum

TRANSIOT helped me to acquire an in-depth knowledge in C programming, valuable p...

Minu Philip
Embedded Software Engineer,Tachlog Pvt Ltd Trivandrum

The training program I've just completed in TRANSIOT has been an amazing journey...

Arun Krishnan
Embedded Software Engineer,Tachlog Pvt Ltd Trivandrum

I am happy because I chose the best place to do my Embedded systems training at ...

Mr. Arun Cherian
Embedded Engineer,Insemi Technology, Bangalore

TRANSIOT is the place were I really learned C programing. The personal training ...

Mr. Linomon Joseph
Systems Engineer,Incise Infotech Private Limited, Noida

TRANSIOT is the team helped me to have a good Embedded job in a reputed company....

Mrs. Chinchu P Babu
Senior Engineer, ,TATA ELXSI Limited,Trivandrum

Transiot transformed me from a Software Support Engineer to an R&D Engineer in t...

Sandeep AK
Senior Firmware Engineer,Unidad India Pvt Ltd, Trivandrum

It has been a wonderful experience learning Advanced Embedded System from Transi...

Akhil Raveendran
Senior Software Engineer,Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Pr

A passion for embedded systems brought me to Transiot. This is the most apt plac...

Jibin Mathew
Embedded Software Engineer,Ignitarium Technology Solutions, Kochi.

TRANSIOT is a place which supported me to handle with complexity. It is a right ...

Mohamed Yousuf
Software Engineer in Electronic Stability Program ,Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Pv

At the crossroads of choosing my career or higher studies, choosing TRANSIOT was...

Vishnu Sasidharan
Project engineer,Cerium Systems Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

TRANSIOT helped me to achieve a glorious start to my career in embedded domain. ...

Engineer Trainee,VVDN Technologies Pvt Ltd, Chennai

Thanks TRANSIOT for helping me to get a great start to my career in Embedded Sys...

Adish M.R.
Engineer Trainee,VVDN Technologies Pvt Ltd, Chennai

TRANSIOT is the team helped me to have a career in Embedded Domain. I had underg...

Rahul VM
Engineer Trainee,VVDN Technologies Pvt Ltd, Chennai

TRANSIOT helped me to gain basic understanding of Linux OS Internals. The ideas ...

Nithin Kurian
Senior Engineer, TATA ELXSI Limited,Trivandrum

The real time training from Transiot on ARM helped me to explore new phases of t...

Anjali S
Engineer at NEST,Kochi

Thanks TRANSIOT for your helps, for obtaining me a good career in Embedded Syste...

Irshad K.T
Embedded Software Engineer, Sparr Electronics,Bangalore

TRANSIOT helps me to achieve one of the best career starts in embedded systems f...

Anand K.S
Embedded Engineer at Electro System Associates,Bangalore

TRANSIOT is the team who showed me the right path in my career. They are the on...

Embedded Engineer,GADGEON Smart Systems , Kochi

For me TRANSIOT is a platform from where I can fly to my dreams that I dreamt. T...

Engineer Trainee,VVDN Technologies Pvt. Ltd,Kochi

I am currently working as engineer at TATA ELXSI Limited. I had undergone EMBEDD...

Thomas George
Engineer,TATA ELXSI Limited, Trivandrum

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